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By Roger C. Bethel

“Winning by Default” reveals the joy and the pain of a young boy of African American decent, who grew up as the son of Mississippi sharecroppers in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. His story helps you to feel what it’s like to be trapped by circumstances beyond your control. The author’s determination to find a better life demonstrates his urgency to escape the reality of poverty, segregation and the fear he experienced in a southern segregated society.You’ll ride alone with him on his emotional rollercoaster as he plots his course through more than thirty municipalities across America and Europe searching… for his “slice of the American pie.”In spite of his weaknesses, he navigated his way to the top of his game… only to find the missing link in the chain of his successes.The desperation to succeed turned this young boy into a man.

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By Dr. Melinda Harper


How do you determine your self-worth? Is it how much money you have? The fact that you can fit into skinny jeans? What you get in the BUNDLE:

  • 30 Days to Greater Self Love
  • Daily Tracker
  • Check List
  • The Secret to Loving Yourself
  • The Secret to Loving Yourself Affirmations
  • Self Love Workbook
  • Self Love Journal

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By Brenda Joyce Nichols

Serena Rachel Garrett is attractive, educated, saved, and single. But, her life is filled with secrecy and adultery. Desperately, she seeks a spiritual change and a husband to call her own. However, when Cecil Isaac Webb, moves to town and joins the Faith Baptist Church, change is on the horizon for everyone. Suddenly, deliverance, healing, restoration, answered prayers, love, and marriage comes in abundantly when God provides the way out.

Society has cheapened sex into a biological drive with the mindset that natural sexual appetites must be fulfilled by any means necessary. The practice of abstinence is a big deal! Ultimately, it will come down to how you choose to live your life. Sex and marriage is pure and good. The seventh commandment "you shall not commit adultery" is a timeless law that God ordained. God intended the sexual relationship between husband and wife to be an exclusive and intimate bond. “A Husband To Call My Own” is an up close and personal testimony of doing it God's way!

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Bluff City Leadership, LLC

Tammy Gaitor

Effective communication is an endangered skill in our society. As technology advances and we gain more ways to communicate it seems that the quality of our communication is diminishing. Tammy Gaitor, a certified communication coach has dedicated her life to strengthening the power of personal and professional relationships. She believes bridging the gap between ‘what is said’ and ‘what is meant’ adds intrinsic and quantifiable value to any person, family, or workplace. After receiving her certification Tammy founded Bluff City Leadership, LLC to help individuals, families, and businesses reach their full potential and benefit from effective communication. With so many lives changed for the better Tammy has earned the name ‘The Relationship Coach’.

Tammy’s gusto to help others build and maintain healthy relationships goes beyond the scope of business, this is her passion. She often speaks of the fulfillment that exudes from individuals, entrepreneurs, and employees once they understand the art and science of communication and self-awareness.

Using an array of data-driven tools and personal assessments Tammy has built a career consulting business, hosting seminars, and the more intimate work of coaching individuals and families.

Contact Tammy today to sign up for an upcoming event or to request a personal or professional session. Phone: (888) 483-7445 or [email protected]

Tammy host a weekly podcast. For more information visit https://www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflyevolution

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